No do-overs

If this life is one act
Why do we lay all these traps?
We put them right in our path
When we just wanna be free

Jason Mraz, “Living in the Moment”

Okay, perhaps I set the bar too high with my goal for a daily blog. I was too busy living to sit down over the weekend and write. Unplugging from technology is becoming vital to my happier existence. (You should try it too). So I guess that’s a good thing – I was living in the moment, accomplishing at least one important long-term goal. That being said, I’m revising my original plan from a daily blog to a whenever-the-inspiration-hits blog. (I’m aiming high here, folks.)

It seemed fitting that I recently came across a journal entry I wrote on a sunny 62-degree day last June on how being present in everyday life can lead to a more fulfilling existence on earth. I’ll expound here on some ideas I jotted down after recently watching a movie called About Time.

In the film, 21-year-old Tim discovers he can travel back in time. (If you haven’t seen the movie, you may want to go watch it before you continue reading.) Tim uses his ability to go back and relive certain moments of his life to try and change what happened the first time around. He eventually becomes obsessed with changing what happened in the past with the hopes of making his current life better. It of course begins to backfire on him and produces some pretty disastrous consequences. You know, like when Marty McFly’s hand starts to disappear in the photograph.

His self-conversations become all consuming. “If only I’d done this differently, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. If I go back and change that, my life would be better now.” We’ve all experienced this. “If only I could take back what I said or didn’t say or what I did or didn’t do.”

As he journeys back and forth from past to present and present to past, he comes to the realization that by constantly leaving his present life to “fix” his past life, he’s never really IN his current life.

Tim decides to travel back one last time not to change any one thing, but to live it like it was the first time he had ever lived it. By doing this one small but often very difficult thing, he sees that he had the power within himself all along to influence others, himself and his life in a positive way without actually changing the events of his past.

After that he no longer returned to the past. Tim was living in each moment without looking back. He listened to people and became more aware of their feelings, which enriched his life and theirs.


Lubec Lupins – I took this photo last July in a magical place where I never have trouble living in the moment. A good reminder to myself.

Unfortunately for us we don’t have the luxury of a do-over. We only have one life. We can choose to be happy or merely exist. I don’t want to simply exist.

Growing up my mom use to say, “get where your feet are, Catherine.” I think we all struggle with our feet hurrying off in every other direction except where they are planted. It’s even worse for us in today’s world of constant distraction. Maybe we are all connecting too much in the wrong way.

For today, try putting down your phone, stop wishing you were somewhere else and focus on what’s in front of you. Be a good listener to that friend.

Be content with where you are in the moment because it’s probably where you’re supposed to be.

So I just let go of what I know I don’t know
And I know I’ll only do this by
Living in the moment
Living our life
Easy and breezy
With peace in my mind
With peace in my heart
Peace in my soul
Wherever I’m going, I’m already home

Jason Mraz, “Living in the Moment”

6 thoughts on “No do-overs

  1. Catie- i am not really a Facebook person, in fact i get angry about even having it sometimes, but it led me to your post and what is even more curious is the message that you are speaking about. A friend gave me a book today and said page 75 just read it its so good, 75. In the middle of the store while working i start to read ” When we dwell on the past, attention is drawn away from the present, which is real, into a time that is not real. The more compelling the memory, the more likely it is that attention will get caught there- which means we have less attention available for real life around us. That is why doing one thing at a time is such a powerful way to live completely in the present. Teaching the mind to do one thing at a time with complete attention can lift the burdens of the past and future: regret, resentment, guilt, worry, and anxiety”. – Eknath easwaran Seems to me the universe is trying to tell me to get my shit together and live in the present. lol Thank you for sharing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beautifully written. It’s so true. Thanks for sharing, Kelly. What book is it? And thanks for finding your way here. It’s really encouraging that people are reading my words. I’ve got some things in the works!

  2. Thanks Catie, I didnt relize that you had a blog. I too, just happen to stumble upon it on Facebook. That was beautifully written. For me, it was a wake up call for howeldom I do unplug and enjoy the present.

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